mustion linna

Classy and intimate with Saija & Niko

Saija & Niko celebrated their wedding as an intimate family dinner including an outdoors ceremony. They kept all aestethics Nordic style simple and minimal, yet stylish, which gladdened my soul a lot. And look at them! How beautiful can a couple be? The location where everything took place, Mustion Linna, becoming one of my new favourites, was one hour drive west from Helsinki, Finland.

Bouquet and flowers: Kukkapalvelu Iiris. Bride's make-up: by the Bride herself. Bride's hairdresser: Hyvä Olo - hoitola parturi-kampaamo Mylly, Janita Jones. Bride's nails: Sofian timantti. Bride's earrings: Glitter. Bride's rings: Malmin Korupaja. Groom's ring: Kultajousi Elegance. Groom's shoes: Halonen. Groom's suit: BIKBOK & H&M. Groom's bowtie: Dressman.