Sand Between the Toes - Minna & Marko

Wedding ceremony on the beach. Sunshine. Warm. On this lovely day in August we were extremely lucky with Minna and Marko! In Finland we never have any certainty of how the weather is gonna turn out to be even during summer weeks. So we don't take any given summer days for granted! Hanko, the southest city in Finland, showed its best. While I was shooting portraits with the super-relaxed couple, the guests were kept entertained with aperitif cocktails and photo booth with my second shooter Ville. The venue was a rental warehouse near the harbor which had been decorated super moody by friends & family.

So what I learned:

  • Everyone should have a chance to capture portraits bare feet
  • Why set a drawing table for kids when you can make their dining table serve for this purpose!
  • Having one of the most famous chefs of the nation in your family can't be a bad thing. This time it meant shared dishes of delicious mixed Asian food 
  • The guests were given a thoughtful present to take home after an all-niter: a water bottle with painkiller pills and others. Could you guess we had a doctor bride!

And as idyllic the day was, it was natural to see some fireworks action late in the evening. The show was part of totally different celebration, but why not own it when you can!

Bridges, balloons & a party Limo in Vantaa - Jennika & Mika

When your own home is lovely, picturesque and well located, why not do all bridal preparations there? One of the most popular churches around (Pyhän Laurin kirkko, Vantaa) served for the wedding ceremony. And reception was held at Restaurant Kuninkaan Lohet (former Vantaan Viilatehdas). Has this been a hidden gem or is it gaining popularity as a wedding venue since I spent there two days this summer and I hadn't even heard about the place before. But now I love it! Surrounded by idyllic peaceful natural areas for portraits and look at that dinner buffet table! This was one of the blissful days where nothing on Earth could stop the bride and the groom from smiling, relaxing and just enjoying the flow of the day. Best! (You'll find credit list In the end of the post)

wedding dress / morsiuspuku: Pronovias / Morsiuspukuliike Josefiina

bride's veil / morsiamen huntu: Rainbow Club / Morsiuspukuliike Josefiina

bride's hair jewerly / morsiamen hiuskoru: Ninka

bride's hair / morsiamen hiukset: SimoNetta

bride's shoes / morsiamen kengät: Rainbow Club / Niinatar

bride's nails / morsiamen kynnet: Nail Lounge

bride's purse / morsiamen laukku: Pieces

bride's earrings / morsiamen korvakorut: swarovski / laatukoru

bride's wedding ring / morsiamen vihkisormus: Kultasepät Andearsen

bride's engagement ring / morsiamen kihlasormus: Tillander

garter / sukkanauha: Ninka

groom's ring / sulhasen sormus: Kohinoor

groom's dress / sulhasen puku: Tiger of Sweden

groom's vest and bow tie / sulhasen liivi ja rusetti: Suomen Pukuvuokraamo

groom's shoes / sulhasen kengät: Hugo Boss / Stockmann

groom's cuff links / sulhasen kalvosinnapit: seremonia

bucket & other flowers / kimppu & muut kukatt: Kukkapalvelu Freesi

print products / paperituotteiden suunnittelu (bingo/vieraskirjalaput): Sarandia

catering & cakes / catering & kakut: Vanha viilatehdas / Kuninkaan lohet

balloons / ilmapallot: Ilmapallomestarit

band / bändi: Grasspoppers

dj: dj Helsinki

wedding car / hääauto: Fast Motor

Staying away from technology in Nokia (and Tampere) – Jarna & Tero

How this all sounds to you: Ceremony in a medieval rock church (Messukylä Old Church / vanha kirkko) in Tampere, Finland that happens to be the oldest building in town. One of the maids of honor plays a solo performance with a French horn during the ceremony. Personalized beers named and labeled in honor of the bride and groom, limited 200 bottles brewed in Finland. Reception at venue Kerhola in Nokia town which was originally, in 1930s, designed to serve as a party place for Nokia factory workers. No, not 1930s mobile phone production but rubber factory instead! 

As neighbor towns Nokia and Tampere (200 km North from Helsinki) both have strong industrial history, this scenery was shown in today's portrait locations too. After photography planning meeting, the groom had shaved all of his beard and was almost unrecognizable to my eye :) The band played gypsy tunes and no-one could stay still anymore! And then there was this super cute Ford Anglia car from the 1960s.

This is what the wedding day of all-day-smiling and laughing good-mood couple Jarna and Tero was all about!

Ceremony in the Woods - Sini & Mikko

What a lovely spot for ceremony, an outdoors summer theater in the woods. Including the first dance right after the first kiss! Historical Alia building (nowadays a restaurant) in Helsinki, Finland served as the venue for the reception during the hottest & prettiest day of the whole summer, the wedding of lovely Sini and Mikko.